De åsikter om samverkan mellan fakulteter inom universitetet och om ideal för forskning inom detta, som jag hävdade för drygt trettio år sedan, kommer jag aldrig att åter torgföra eller mer indirekt försöka hävda.

Sven Sandström - September 2021

Two papers from an art historian on prehistoric imagery

casting consistently new light on the very first European images, från Hohlenstein-Stadel to the caves of Chauvet and Lascaux

By Sven Sandström 2015

Two studies that together account for a series of new analyses in depth of palelithical scultures and paintings that has been prevented by an established gang of reactionaries from reaching its public on traditional ways and thus referred to this form of publication on the net. Let us hope that more than I will use this wonderful medium – that might awaken the sedated spirit of research among students of humanities

Published as edition on the net in 2015-2016
© Sven Sandström 2016